About Maricopa SHIFT

We Are Here To Help

Maricopa SHIFT (Safe Healthy Infants and Families Thrive), is a coordinated, multi-system approach, working together to improve the outcomes for pregnant parents, their families, and affected newborns exposed to substances. Our team understands that parents and families need support and integrated services to help them and their baby have the best outcome possible.

We bring together programs and teams from a variety of disciplines including, prenatal care, medication-assisted treatment programs, Women, Infants and Children (WIC), child welfare, home visiting programs, and other medical providers such as hospitals and clinics.


To enhance coordination of care for pregnant parents affected by substance use disorder, to help them get the assistance they need, because a healthy parent means a healthy baby. We strive to ensure that families experience excellent care through an integrated and collaborative environment, provided by professionals who understand the many challenges a family may face. We focus on a compassionate approach for families filled with understanding, patience, healing, and hope.

Maricopa SHIFT’s Mission

Maricopa SHIFT works to improve the health and safety of pregnant and postpartum parents with a substance use disorder and their infants, through the coordination of high quality, compassionate family-centered services, while reducing the stigma associated with substance use disorder

Maricopa SHIFT’s Vision

A future where pregnant parents and their babies experience judgement free, equitable, and coordinated care for all substance use disorders. To increase the collaboration of the Maricopa SHIFT program across Maricopa County, increase awareness of the harm of stigma of Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and reduce the incidence of babies exposed to substances in utero; including alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, prescription and non-prescription substances.