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Baby Play
Click on these links to learn about baby play and how it relates to development for your child.
Baby Proofing
Learn more about baby proofing from this collection of articles on various ways to make your home safe for your baby or child.
Learn more about bathing your baby including when to bathe baby for the first time.
Read these handouts to learn about the signs of poor feeding, handling of breastmilk, and when to contact a lactation consultant.
Read about circumcision including information on the benefits, risks, and post circumcision care.
Learn more in this course to help you and your partner navigate the challenges of raising your child.
Formula Feeding
Learn more from these articles and videos about how babies communicate when they're hungry, and formula feeding tips.
Newborn Screening
Learn more about the screenings available for your newborn's hearing, heart, and blood regarding your baby's health.
Preterm Labor
Learn more about the signs and symptoms of preterm labor and what to do if you think you are in labor.
Tummy Time
Learn more about tummy time for your baby and tips to prevent flat spots on baby’s head.
Umbilical Cord Care
Learn what you need to know about caring for your child’s umbilical cord stump, including when to contact the pediatrician.