Beyond Labels: Do Your Part to Reduce Stigma (Interactive Resource)
March of Dimes (2021)

Shaming the Sick: Substance Use and Stigma (19:02)
TEDx Talks Dr. Carolyn Greer (2019)

Cultural Humility Series Part I – VIII (Free webinars – require registration)
National Association for Addiction Professional (2020)
Part I – Understanding SUD Disparities Among LGBTQIA People
Part II – Social Class Bias & the Negative Impact on treatment Outcomes
Part III – Do You Know Who You Are and For Whom You Provide Services?
Part IV – Critical Issues in LGBTQIA Patient Care
Part V – Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Latinx Communities
Part VI – Why It Matters Now More Than Ever
Part VII – Four Direction of Diversity – Honoring Differences
Part VIII – Social Responsibility in the Addiction Profession & Town Hall